Starting this month (April 2022) Eltel would like to give our customers and members of our communities the recurring chance to win a £20 Greggs voucher for their invaluable feedback.

Eltel-UK offers monthly awards to our workers and would now like to extend this opportunity to everyone. We understand the need to eat well whilst at work and Greggs offers a great variety of food and drinks with locations all over the UK.

At the end of every month, a recipient will be chosen at random from that month’s received feedback. Submit your feedback at for your chance to win, making sure to include an email address or phone number.

The Specifics

The monthly draw for a £20 Greggs Gift Card will take place for nine months between April 2023 andDecember 2023 at Eltel-UK’s discretion. All feedback containing valid contact information received in a given month will be eligible to be picked for that month. Eltel employees and their friends and family aren’t eligible for selection. Each month’s selection will be random. The winner will be contacted the following month to facilitate the delivery of the gift card. Details of gift card winners can be requested through our contact form at This competition is considered a free draw, no costs are associated with participation.