To assist in the provision of a safe system of work and safe environment in which to work, and to meet its obligations under the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999.

ELTEL-UK. Ltd will carry out regular risk assessments on their operations. Copies of these risk assessments will be kept in the Code of Practice and made available for all employees or sub contractors, given reasonable notice

Where work has been sub-contracted to ELTEL-UK. Ltd. We will obtain copies of the main contractor / principal contractor risk assessment and adhere to any safety  control measures in addition to those stated in our  own risk assessments.

Specific risk assessments will be carried out where identified risks are not fully covered by the generic risk assessment in the Code of Practice, and will be carried out by a competent person using FORM HSE 007

All identified hazards will be assessed for control measures, in the following order:

  1. Try a safer option
  2. Prevent access to the hazard
  3. Reduce exposure to the hazard
  4. Issue personal protective Equipment
  5. Provide suitable welfare facilities

All risk assessments will be carried out with full regard to the HSE Guide, ‘5 Steps To Risk Assessment’, included in the Code of Practice.