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Registered Office

Eltel-UK Ltd,
The Grounds of Ashfield House,
Blackhorse Lane,

Tel:01642 706238

Company Tree

Michael Ritchie
Policy Preparation and Reviews
Environmental Management
Contract Negotiations
Tel: 01642 706744
Adam Ritchie
Contract Compliance
Local Authority Negotiations
Defect and FPN Management
Contract Negotiations
Tel: 01642 706743
Chris Briggs
Work Stack Scheduling
Team Coordination
Tel: 01642 706741
Jackie Willis
Office Admin
Tel: 01642 706745
Graeme Warlow
On Site Depot Manager
Stores management and Stock Control
Tel: 01642 706742
Jason Mitchell
Senior Site Contact/Liaison
Freelance Quality Manager
Ali Nicklin
Site Contact/Liaison
Vacant (Apply)
Site Contact/ Liaison
We Currently operate with :
19 Operations Teams including Sub Contractors, 4 reinstatement teams
2 Full-time fitters/mechanics

We all have due regard for Health & Safety at work, the Environment, and Waste Management including Reduction