Supplier Headlines Issue 215 featured an article celebrating Eltel’s professionalism while completing recent work for Openreach, on Telent’s behalf. We’re grateful for the acknowledgement in Telent’s monthly newsletter, and you can read the article below:

Celebrating Success

Good News Story – Thank You

Following some recent quality issues in connection to a new development, a developer requested a newly built joint box to be moved out of the area, as this would have been in their proposed kerb radius. This also rectified the quality issue by rebuilding the box in a new position.

The gang from Eltel UK carried out the works to resolve the issue and install the required connection in its new position. The gang were very understanding of the request and were also proactive.

The gang carried out trial digs to find the new position and the CAT scan identified multiple services. This meant the joint box requested could not be moved along the route but could not stay where it was originally built. Following numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact planners to discuss what delayed the works progressing, we made contact with the Openreach Partner Manager, who decided to remove the joint box and directly duct through the services to make the connection.

On the day, the gangs CTM Compliance was excellent, recording each stage of the works through to completion, which then allowed Openreach to see why this decision was made on the day.

We would like to thank Eltel UK Ltd for their prompt action and collaborative work with the Quality Team and seeing this through to a resolution.

On behalf of Telent, I would also like to thank Nicholas Daly and Stephen Swainston. We appreciate their efforts on the day and their compliance with CTM, utilising this on their jobs and understanding the benefits to themselves, Eltel UK and Openreach when compliant.

Thanks to Everyone Involved!

HSEQ – Regional Quality Manger 

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