The health, safety and welfare of employees and contractors is of prime importance to ELTEL-UK. Ltd and is essential to the efficient operation of its undertaking. The responsibility of safety at work rests upon all sectors of management. EL TEL-UK. Ltd, will ensure that this policy is pursued through the organisations and will take all reasonable practicable precautions to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees by providing:

  1. A safe working environment by the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all plant, equipment and facilities.
  2. Safe systems of work.
  3. Adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.
  4. Control of situations likely to cause injury or damage to property and/or equipment.
  5. Effective facilities for the treatment of injuries that occur at work.
  6. Effective fire prevention and fire control procedures.
  7. Ensure that there exists, Adequate facilities for consultation between management and employee representatives.
  8. The making of such tests, examinations, samples and records as are necessary to monitor the working environment.

All employees and sub-contractors of the company agree, as a term of their contract of employment or sub contract terms, to comply with their individual duties under section 7 & 8 of the health and safety at work act 1974. Regulation 12 of the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999, and generally co-operate with their employer so as to enable them to carry out their health and safety duties towards them, failure to comply with health and safety duties, regulations, procedures and work rules on the part of the employee, can lead to dismissal from employment. In the case of serious or repeated breaches, such dismissal may be instant and without prior warning. The overall responsibility for health, safety and welfare of the company and its personnel is vested in the managing director.

Eltel~UK. Ltd will give full backing to this policy and to the nominated safety manager (whose function it shall be to monitor and operate the policy), and will support all those who endeavour to carry it out.

Eltel-UK. Ltd wishes to strongly emphasise, however, that the whole concept of health and safety at work is best served by the increased awareness of individual personnel and personal readiness to reac;t appropriately to whatever situation arises.

Eltel-UK.Ltd is closely working with its clients to ensure strict rules regarding personal protective eqUipment are adhered tofailure to cooperate will invalidate any contract made or will result in dismissal from contract, or employment without warning.

Eltel-UK.Ltd Give regular briefings to its employees and sub contractors to ensure all personnel are kept upto date with requirements. These will be briefed by supervisors or S ty Manager.